Annual Conference Director


Manage the activities of the Annual Conference committee to provide conference programs for the chapter membership.

Responsible To:

  • The chapter vice president of programs
  • The chapter president
  • The members of the chapter


  1. Chair meetings of the conference committee to select topics and speakers for programs and to provide information on topics of broad interest to members.
  2. Recruit members to serve on conference committee.
  3. Select the site/location for the conference and meet with site personnel about services, etc.
  4. Negotiate contracts with site personnel, vendors, hotels, caterers, etc.
  5. Develop a timeline and budget for the conference.
  6. Coordinate efforts with state chapters and state council to best serve the membership.
  7. Serve as resource to committee members in arranging periodic/regular meetings of the committee.
  8. Contact potential speakers and make arrangements for selected meetings. Write articles for newsletters describing the programs.
  9. Provide information regarding programs and services to the administrative office, newsletter editor, members, and others through presentations, written communications, and personal contact.
  10. Promote the conference to chapter members, state council members, and at-large members as well as any other possible attendees. Obtain mailing lists from chambers of commerce, other associations, etc.
  11. Review final preparations to assure that conference runs smoothly.
  12. Review program evaluations for feedback to be used in planning future events.
  13. Serve as liaison between the members of the conference committee.

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