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2021 North Texas SHRM Conference Speakers

Keynote Speaker:

Julie Burch  Work Life Balance is a Myth! Reimagine and Redefine for REAL Balance in Your Life

Everyone faces stress and balance issues. It’s a fact of life. What you do with it makes the difference between enjoying your life or resenting it, between being challenged or being overwhelmed. The demands and the pace of our busy lives pressure us all. Some master it and some do not. The trick is to take back control! In this dynamic, unconventional, and entertaining session, we will address the subject of stress and balance from a refreshing common-sense point of view. Helping you learn how to function with stress, as well as how to reduce it and how to achieve the all so elusive balance once and for all. We will address the issue of life balance– is it attainable? Is it even a real thing? How do we balance our workload with our personal life? In the second part of this life changing session, we will look at the 6 key areas of our lives and define where we have the power to change and grow. What can we do to feel like we are more in control and we are living intentionally and by design? 

Keynote Speaker:

Summer Jelinek - The Magic of Leadership: 5 Keys to Unlocking your Potential

Many managers look around and see leaders who are getting the results. These leaders are hitting financial metrics, key performance indicators and have happy and highly functioning teams. From the outside looking in, it can appear that these leaders are performing magic. But like all good magic tricks, once you know how it is performed, it is easily replicated. Derived from Summer's experience working as a leader with Walt Disney World and Disney Institute, the 5 Keys to Unlocking Your Leadership Potential will open you and your audience to the Magic of Leadership, an easy to implement model that shows how you and your organization can take very specific steps to create and maintain a high performing culture.

Mallory Herrin - Developing Your Talent for the Future with Coaching and Mentoring

This session teaches participants the importance of developing talent internally as a means to address the talent shortage through coaching and mentoring. Attendees will learn the difference between coaching and mentoring, when coaching is appropriate, coaching styles, the coaching process, tips to become an effective mentor, the different types of mentors, and the steps to develop a mentor program.

Stephen J. Blakesley – Using Emotional Intelligence to Upgrade our Workforce 

The presentation begins with the statement from a Fast Company survey which found that 85% of performance is due to factors other than knowledge and experience, we review the 5 attributes of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Audience will then be given Interview questions to ask and answers to expect and how to grade the response. All focused-on interviewing for EI and hiring for EI.

5 attribute attendees will learn:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Motivation
  • Social Awareness
  • Social Management

Mike Coffey - Beyond Values: Building an Ethical Business Environment

Every employee brings to the workplace a unique view of right and wrong shaped by their background and experience. Beyond simple legal compliance or respect for an organization's values, individuals' adherence to their own moral belief system is at the core ethical behavior. In this one-hour presentation, Mike Coffey will explore the differences between compliance, values, and ethics; how organizations can encourage ethical behavior; and ways to accommodate ethical differences in the workplace. 

Julian Sado - Human Nature for Human Resources

How we lead people, recruit, and retain remote and on-site employees is changing. Technology, internal processes, and performance reviews have impacted the way we sustain and grow our business. We will cover some important areas for leadership to consider when it comes to the unexpected and predictable changes that impact our staff’s morale and their desires to achieve. Julian will cover the new sciences that are transforming the concepts of stress in our industry and how we can adjust to the changes quickly to enhance productivity. He will provide several already proven ways to implement a people over process approach along with practical ways to start today.

Kristine Conway – Change Reimagined - ACCELERATE your TRANSFORMATION from SERVING to IMPACTING

During this 90-minute hands-on, practical, and interactive workshop, participants will gain exposure to evidence-based change management methodologies that will equip them to transform from a role of service to a position of impact and to drive their organizations' business performance. Participants will learn to apply the concepts through hands-on exercises in the workshop that will prepare them to successfully navigate personal, team, and organizational changes, both self-directed and imposed. The techniques shared in this workshop transfer easily to the workplace enabling participants to use them immediately, thus creating instant value for their organizations.

This workshop will show you how to do precisely that as we answer the following questions:

  • What keeps us from embracing change?
  • Why are we not more successful at implementing change?
  • How might the client's expectation of our role block change?

Julia Gannaway - Employment Law: Past, Present, and Future 

Join Julia as she shares what is happening in employment law and what could potentially happen in the near future. A new administration means upcoming changes, which may include updates to leave laws, paid family leave, unemployment benefits, federal minimum wages, OSHA standards and increased enforcement around workplace safety, increased salary threshold for exempt employees, implementation of a nationwide paid sick leave program, and changes in NLRB and DOL.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of changes in employment law, including:

  • Changes related to the above laws, rules and regulations
  • Recent court decisions and administrative agency actions
  • Common mistakes that create legal exposure and how to avoid them
  • Best practices to ensure your department is in compliance

Rick Robinson - Using Leadership Development to Drive Employee Engagement

The single most common reason for employee engagement (or dis-engagement) is leadership. Effective leaders, managers, and supervisors drive employee engagement, retention, customer satisfaction, revenue, and profits.

Do some of your supervisors and managers excel while others struggle? Do you spend unnecessary time cleaning up HR messes created by unskilled or uninterested people in leadership positions? People are often promoted to leadership positions because they demonstrate a level of proficiency in a technical skill, but they are not always given the tools and frameworks necessary to succeed in their new position.

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe the importance, benefits, and power of internal Leader Development and Certification Programs.
  • Identify the steps necessary to create internal Leader Development and Certification Programs.
  • Define the elements necessary in an effective Leadership Development Program.
  • Use the "Instructional Spine" to develop training modules that work.

Ben Murphy - Manage 4 Performance

Let’s be real. In most organizations, performance reviews are little more than a once a year attempt at checking in with employees to ensure they’re at least on the right track. For us, that just did not work. That is why we created our Manage 4 Performance program which equips companies to use a data-driven approach to management, giving an in-depth look at each employee’s alignment and performance.

Evidence shows that consistent feedback (both constructive and celebratory) increases engagement and performance, but that requires a foundation of a well-trained and equipped manager and job alignment.

Are your managers equipped and prepared to effectively manage, coach, and develop their teams? And how do you know if your current team of people are truly aligned to their roles - "the right people in the right seats"? Our people thrive when there's an open line of communication with managers and when they can clearly know what is expected of them, where they stand, and where they're going.

Our Manage 4 Performance platform and methodology delivers a clear path for coaching each employee in their role by regularly evaluating their skills, values, behaviors, and performance in a data-driven manner. It allows you to take a high-level look at your accountability chart, seeing where each employee stands, and then zooms in to shed light on key components of each individual, or as we like to say, "The Whole Person."

Michael DePonte - Back to Work in the Aftermath of COVID-19: The potential pitfalls when workers return from layoffs, furloughs, and WFH

Many employers have laid off, furloughed, or allowed employees to work from home during the COVID-19 Crisis. As the time has/will come for employees to return to the workplace, employers will likely face a flood of legal issues – some new and some old. This session will help identify the potential issues faced by employers as employees return to work, how to address each of these issues, and how to prepare for similar issues in the future.

    Frank Mulcahy - Workplace Bullying Prevention & COVID-19 Remote Worker

    Learn how to address bullying using evidence-based tools from the firm recognized as the originator of U.S. workplace bullying solutions. A quarter of American workers directly experience bullying; 65.6 million workers, including witnesses, are affected. Employers suffer turnover, absenteeism, presenteeism, and payouts for severances and settlements. These costs are preventable. Employers tend to ignore bullying. State laws mandating training are increasing. We prepare you for compliance.

    OBJECTIVE 1: What You Need to Know about Workplace Bullying and Why It’s Important to deter. We will discuss identity bullying behaviors and the reasons these types of abusive behavior occur within organizations, the impact of bullying—how it affects the health, family life, and productivity of your employees—as well as the costs and consequences to your workplace. We will explore the “New Remote Work From Home Bullying Dilemma” in detail. We will also explore current legal protections and proposed anti-bullying legislation, leaving ample time to answer your questions.

    OBJECTIVE 2: Introduces a novel approach to HR analytics to show the bottom-line losses from bullying. The session also helps you equip managers and supervisors with strategies to increase employee trust and engagement. We cover policy and procedure creation to hold workplace bullies accountable for their behavior.

    OBJECTIVE 3: Develop Strategies for Creating a Culture of Respect. You will be able to define Workplace Bullying. And the Health harming effects it has on Target and the Organization. Finally, Learn how to develop a policy and training program for C-suite and Mid Management

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