VP Of Membership


Play the key role in maintaining the health and growth of your Chapter membership. Work with President and chapter leadership (and SHRM National) to engage existing members and attract new members. Execute membership acquisition and renewal campaigns on an ongoing basis. Be the face of Membership for your chapter!

Assist HR professionals and businesses excel through utilizing membership benefits. Engage members through chapter activities. Expand chapter outreach through connections with those that could benefit from membership.

Responsible To:

  • The chapter president
  • The members of the chapter


  1. Monitor and share membership metrics with the board so that you can see increases or decreases in membership in a timely fashion and take action as appropriate.
  2. Develop and execute short-term and long-term membership strategic plans.
  3. Help members and potential members learn about the value of membership and how this can advance their career and benefit their organization.

a) Provide information about dual membership benefits on the chapter website, chapter social media sites, and in the chapter newsletter.

b) Reinforce key membership benefits by sharing at every meeting – it's amazing how quickly people lose sight of various benefits, so you have to remind them!

  1. Provide opportunities for members to connect as this has a direct correlation to membership retention and engagement. These are key activities that improve year over year renewals:

a) Host New Member Onboarding meetings/webinars so members get the most from their SHRM and Chapter Membership.

b) Schedule ongoing networking events for members and prospective members.

  1. Encourage At-Large (SHRM members in the area who aren’t chapter members) to join the chapter.
  2. Know your members.
  3. Manage the membership list and directory to ensure its up-to-date and changes are provided to SHRM.
  4. Utilize the data to provide information to other board members such as positions held, industries represented, etc. This will guide the chapter in event planning and other activities.
  5. Ensure chapter meets minimum SHRM affiliation requirements.
  6. Check periodically with members whose email addresses no longer work to obtain their updated information.
  7. Be an active board member by providing membership updates and information at every chapter event and board of directors’ meetings.
  8. Learn from other chapters and share your chapter’s successes and challenges. Work with the State Council Membership Director to connect to other chapters.
  9. Take an active role in the human resources community to provide information about the value of membership.


  1. Must be a SHRM national and Chapter member in good standing

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